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Turning felled timber and branching into good quality fire wood is very labour intensive.

Firstly, the timber is sorted and then stacked to await processing. This timber is then put through a specialist firewood processing machine that cuts it into suitable lengths via a circular saw and then it is pushed by a hydraulic ram onto a sharpened steel splitter which halves or quarters it according to the size of the log.

From there it is taken and stacked in our airing sheds which have been constructed to allow the maximum of air flow to aid the seasoning and drying process. We split and store the logs under cover as this will season and dry the wood much quicker than large lengths left out in the open.

We monitor the rate at which our wood loses moisture by regularly measuring it with a Stihl moisture meter. We are pleased with the results as our original view that cutting, splitting and storing very early after felling aids seasoning has been borne out.

However in order to ensure the quality of our product we will not sell wood that registers over 25% moisture
as measured by our moisture meter.

Because of the nature of our work we store all types
of wood, hard and soft, from ash to apple and chestnut
to cherry.

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